We offer a complete line of OEM and aftermarket Daewoo Forklift Parts for all Daewoo forklift models – LPG, Electric, Gas & Diesel. We will do all the reseach for you to find the parts you need to get your Daewoo Forklift back up and running.

img-daewoo-forkliftsDaewoo a by-company of Doosan Industrial Vehicle American Corporation, also known as DIVAC. The domestic forklift business officially began in 1967. During the 1980s, Daewoo’s technological improvements and sales success put them in position for a significant growth. It was in 19841 that Caterpillar Industrial Incorporation proposed a forklift joint-venture project which ended up significantly expanding Daewoo’s sales. By 1993, the company was comfortably establish worldwide as an independent brand. Today the company has independently acquired all of the necessary certifications from all over, and have been able to expand into the overseas market.

The Forklifts

Doosan, operating as Daewoo, has over 100 models of forklift trucks available, including hand pallets, walkie pallet trucks, internal combustion trucks, and sit down electric trucks.

The 5,500 pound HP T28 Hand Pallet Truck is one of the newest innovations to come out from Daewoo/Doosan. This hand pallet truck has totally enclosed bearings, a steel draw-bar, pivot mountain large polyurethane steer wheels, and a 202 degree steer handle arc.

The BW-7 Walkie Pallet Truck Series has weight capacities ranging from 3,300 to 6,000 pounds. This series has a line of highly efficient, reliable, productive forklifts.

There are multiple series of Internal Combustion Trucks, including the GX Series, and multiple cushion tire and pneumatic tire series. There are also numerous series of sit-down electric trucks. Some of these series have three wheels, some have four, and they come in varieties with both cushion tires and pneumatic tires.

Daewoo Forklift Parts

A large variety of replacement parts for Daewoo forklifts are available. Purchasing replacement parts is the more efficient way to do things in the long run, as simply maintenance on your forklift will be a lot cheaper than continually buying new forklifts. These parts range from the big to the small, and may be either brand new or re-manufactured.

Brand New Daewoo Forklift Parts Include:

  • Forklift Forks
  • Mast Bearings
  • Carriages
  • Lights
  • Alarms
  • LPG Gas Parts
  • Forklift Seats
  • Brakes
  • Tires

Re-manufactured Daewoo Forklift Parts Include:

  • Engines
  • Transmissions
  • Steer Axles
  • Water Pumps
  • Starters
  • Alternators


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