Forklift filters are necessary to keep the contaminants out of the fuel, air, oil and hydraulic fluid in order to make sure that a lift truck functions properly. Forklift filters are also important factors in making the truck comply with emission standards. The important filters you need to keep a forklift functioning properly are air filters, oil filters, hydraulic and transmission filters.

An I-C forklift may be powered by gasoline, diesel or propane, any of which can be contaminated somewhere along the line, interrupting the flow and causing the truck to malfunction. Rust caused by moisture in the fuel tank, dust or paint chips introduced during filling can also cause problems. A good filter is needed to screen out the debris and ensure a steady flow of fuel.

The air surrounding a forklift while it is being filled contains not just dust but pollen, mold and other contaminants. Unless they are properly filtered out, all these can find their way into a forklift engine through the air intake and interfere with the truck’s performance.

A forklift gets its lifting power from hydraulic fluid pumped into a pair of hydraulic cylinders. Because the hydraulic fluid is in contact with mechanical components, metal particles and other contaminants must be removed. A hydraulic filter is an important part of this system to keep contaminants out of the hydraulic fluid. Regular replacement of the hydraulic filters is necessary in order to prevent possible pump failure.

Contaminants in a forklift’s transmission fluid can result in starting problems, slow shifting, torque conversion impediments and reduced power. The right transmission filter can keep the fluid clean and ensure smooth and unimpeded transfer of power.

Breathers are another type of filter placed on gearboxes, hydraulic reservoirs and storage tanks to keep out water and contaminants from the system. In many cases, moisture can cause more damage than solid contaminants. Using the right breather filters can remove moisture and extend the forklift’s life.

Forklift filters keep everything in the system flowing smoothly so your business does as well.